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Technical Support/Linux [news]

21 May 2012 19:21

Cannot install the Linux client

The linux client ( HoNClient-{$ver}.sh ) is a shell script with a zip tail which contains the graphical installer as well as the game data. To be able to install HoN for linux the install script must reside on a partition which allows execution (ie a partition that is not mount noexec or users (users mount option (...)

HoN [news]

13 April 2012 00:03

Patch HoN to any version:

ForceUpdate http://dl.heroesofnewerth.com/ http://patch1.hon.s2games.com/


Patchnotes before they go live:


#HoN IRC rules W.I.P. [news]

07 April 2012 10:41

  1. Personal attacks and/or excessive vitrol to another user will get you kicked/banned, other than that would prefer to see #hon'ers play nicely together so that op's don't have to intervene. 
  2. There is not going to define a list of what words/terms are allow or not, there are better things todo
  3. Users must not attack others' views – be they religious or (...)

HoN issues catalogue [news]

06 April 2010 11:33



If you have a router/firewall that is in use by your computer you must make sure they are allowing HoN to communicate unobstructed. You'll need to allow outgoing traffic to ports 80 (login/update), 11031 (chatserver) and 11235-11335 (...)

HoN Streams [news]

20 February 2010 22:08

LibrtiORDeth JustinTV stream:

Watch live video from Try Hard Gaming on Justin.tv


Idejder JustinTV stream


Watch live video from 'Tossin it up in Starcraft 2 on Justin.tv

Heroes of Newerth: Hero guides [news]

07 August 2009 19:58

Quicklink for guides for hero's and stuff

Links from the HoN forums kept upto date when I remember