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Gitosis: HOWTO [news]

15 November 2009 20:09


So you have been using git and you are liking its ease of day to day use as well as other aspects of git that make it wonderful (each clone is a complete copy of the entire history ...) So you want to create your own repository or two, and possibly invite others to contribute to your repository. How to easily manage it ? This is where gitosis comes in. It provides you with an (...)

Git: Subtree vs Submodule [news]

21 July 2009 21:25

Say you are using git as your vcs of choice and say you want to include another git repo into your project what can you do?

You can do one of three things

  • Statically copy over all the files

This is one possible solution and if you only want certain files from a certain date and no other then sure use this method.

  • (...)